About Us

About Us

Texas Hookah Lounge is Houston's most elite hookah lounge. 
We have the largest selection of shisha flavors imaginable!

Why Texas Hookah Lounge?

-Largest Selection of Shisha Flavors (Tobacco and Nontobacco flavors available)

-Mix and match shisha flavors to your liking

-Located next to Texas Hookah store, Silver Vapes, and a Mediterranean Restaurant

-BYOB - Pre-Party or After Party Destination

-BYOF (Bring Your Own Food) - Bring your own food or have food ordered from restaurants

-Play board games, video games, beer pong, watch a movie or the next big sports event with your friends

-Comfortable leather couches to relax on with ambient lighting

-Free Wifi

-Variety of music or plug in your own device and be the DJ

-Superior customer service with knowledgeable staff

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